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The Perfect Christmas Holiday - 10 Reasons to Choose Schwangau - The Neuschwanstein Castle

If you are searching to get a romantic and opulent Christmas holiday, I am going to share a well-kept secret along: Visit Schwangau to see the Neuschwanstein Castle village in the border of Germany and Austria.

Having lived in Dubai in the boom years, to see new buildings emerge like mushrooms, I cannot believe how unspoiled the Neuschwanstein Castle area is. Despite more than One million tourists visiting Neuschwanstein every year (and three more castles inside a 3 mile radius), there isn't any high-risers, no ugly modern buildings (a tribute to a great town who puts tradition over financial gains). Instead you are going to feel as though the stood still: old farms and mountain chalet style houses abound and you still see farmers on their own bicycles leading their small herds along the way to the pasture - a wonderful heart-warming sight inside a first world country. Out of your tender are my top ten reasons for spending your winter and yuletide Visit to Schwangau as well as the Neuschwanstein Castle area.

1. Magic Neuschwanstein Castle & The King Ludwig Story

Neuschwanstein Castle is probably the most famous and arguably the most amazing castle on the globe. It attracts over One million visitors per year throughout the world and even inspired Walt Disney to come up with the special moment Kingdom/ Cinderella castle. Through Hollywood This wonderful time Kingdom and Cinderella Castle, however, could be even better known as opposed to stunning original from the Alpine mountains of Bavaria. Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II in Bavaria. His mysterious death in a nearby lake continues to be substance for rumours even now.

2. Great Skiing and Winter Sport Opportunities (downhill, nordic, skateboarding)

In just a 5-30 minutes drive you should have no less than 5 ski resorts and 140km of slopes for downhill skiing / snowboarding / ski touring at your disposal. You will find slopes for those abilities and ski schools along with ski/snowboard rental opportunities in virtually every resort. Almost all resorts give a snow-garantuee providing additional powder snow when the weather not comply. With mountain huts scattered throughout the Alpine mountains, you will find tons of reasons to stop for sunbathing around the terraces sipping a hot drink or obtaining a plate of rustic mountain hut food, like "K�sspatzen" (small local noodles tossed in mountain cheese) or "Kaiserschmarrn" (torn pancake with raisins and almonds topped with apple or cherry sauce). You may also go night-skiing right under Neuschwanstein castle. Schwangau offers 30 km of nordic skiing tracks, 2km which can also be flood-lit at night. Finally, there are tobogganing slopes from many mountain huts as well as in most ski resorts and ice skating opportunities using one of the 6 lakes in the immediate neigbhourbood.

3. Romantic German Christmas Markets

German Christmas Markets ("Weihnachstmarkt") are famous for their cosy and romantic Christmas atmosphere. You wouldn't want to overlook them. Schwangau runs a culinary Christmas Market in November and F�ssen, the medieval cobble-stoned town 3 miles away runs a magic Christmas Market the majority of December. Imagine strolling by having a maze of stalls displaying treasures from wood-carved figures, "nutcrackers", little pottery items to a myriad of Excersize equipment even though the air is loaded with the sweet smell of mulled wine and freshly baked waffles.

4. Wellness The opportunity to Relax & Buy

There are many wellness offers in the area like massages, sauna, light therapy etc. Of special interest will be the hot pools with the royal spa thermal bath ("K�nigliche Kristalltherme"). Connected inside and outside pools enable you to take pleasure in the warm steaming water while raising your head inside the ice-cold air - just imagine the feeling of snow flakes falling everywhere melting instantly since they hit and comfy water. Through the fields the thing is that the nordic skiers sliding by and contrary to the mountain behind them emerges Neuschwanstein Castle. An experience to not be missed !

5. Breath-taking Horse-sledge Rides through the Winter Wonderland to determine Wild Deer Being Fed

It is possible to rent your own personal horse-drawn sledge or join among the regularly scheduled excursions towards the castles, the mountain huts or perhaps the deer feeding area within the woods. Enclosed in warm blankets you'll enjoy the clean outdoors and also the breath-taking panoramic views of snow covered mountains and white valleys. Among my personal favourites is seeing the wild deer being fed so close to you that you could nearly touch them. In order to avoid them rushing away, you'll hardly dare to breathe wanting to stay silent as you see the majestic male deer slowly approaching the remainder of the herd: a magic encounter together with the wild !

6. Dramatic New Year's Eve Fireworks Wherever You Look

In Germany New Year's Eve is always celebrated with fireworks wherever you peer. Everyone on this country can buy and launch their own and quite a few families do. Why don't you try it yourself when you are here? Imagine watching the fireworks more than one with the castles holding your loved one(s) and making a want 2012 ahead. Commemorate to have an unforgettable moment. After midnight many families participate in a tradition called "Bleigie�en" (lead pouring) to predict everyone's fortune for your year. Little components of lead are melted in little pans in the flame of the candle. When the lead is liquid you pour it in to a bowl of cold water where it instantly forms a shape. Everyone then has fun interpreting this is of this contour around predict the pourer's fortune to the coming year. You should buy the full "lead pouring" kit at supermarkets in Germany. Best of luck J !

7. Delicious Local Food Specialities

The neighborhood meals is delicious and you may find plenty of restaurants to pick from. Pork dishes like "Schweinshaxe" (pork knuckle) are frequent but game and fish may also be local specialities as is also the famous "Apfelstrudel" with vanilla sauce or soft ice cream. An area speciality could be the "Brotzeit" which can be big platters with cold cut meat and cheese served with fresh German bread, freshly baked "Brezen" (big soft pretzels) and bread rolls. Finally, there exists various local beers to try to you will want to visit the local brewery or the cheesemaker for any guided tour how those delicacies are manufactured?

8. Luxury & Rustic Hotels and Hotel

There are various cosy holiday apartments and opulent resort rooms to pick from. Lately increasingly more luxury holiday apartments focus on the growing interest in a really relaxing and splendid holiday. Most architecture is held in the conventional "Allgaeu" style, an alternative of the mountain chalet using a great deal of wood for the facade and including wooden balconies on several sides of the home. Additionally, there are many working farms that offer accommodation joined with an experience of true farm life. For a first world country and also the village from the King's Castles Schwangau comes with an astonishing amount of dairy farms. So get willing to hear the gentle ring from the cow bells wherever you remain :-)

9.Welcoming and Friendly People Who Celebrate Their Traditions

As soon as we come to this region, everyone has been extraordinarily friendly and forthcoming. They are helpful, authentic and genuine. Everyone takes great pride of their traditions and heritage and all sorts of over the year you will find festivals displaying local dance, music, clothing ("Lederhosen" and "Dirndl") as well as beer. Many people in Schwangau speak enough English to carry a conversation and lots of do so readily with astonishing fluency. There is also a growing international community in the area as well as tourists from all over the globe. This may cause Schwangau an authentic "international village". Whenever you come drop me a contact and I will aid insider information about this dream location.

10.Great History

With so much natural splendor, high Alpine mountains and crystal clear mountain lakes all within the same small region, it really is hardly surprising that this bishops and German Kings built their castles here. Even Romans and Celts had decided to settle here. In reality, the Via Claudia Augusta, one of the big Roman trading roads leads through Schwangau joining the province of Germania through Austria to Rome. You will discover Roman pillars and search for a whole Roman villa on the magic vacation to this exceptional place.

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