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Losing weight after pregnancy

Pregnancy Weight Loss - Should I Get worried? Learn Which Foods to prevent While pregnant

It might not be something consider normally until after the baby arrives but weight loss during pregnancy is one thing to be concerned about because it can be a risk to you as well as your baby.

Pregnant women should expect to gain in the region of 25 - 30 lbs during their pregnancy. Even if you were overweight before your pregnancy you need to still put on weight however a little less and if you had been underweight you should obtain a little more.

Of course for those who have any concerns about your weight while pregnant you need to consult with your physician or perhaps your family's health care provider.

There are a variety of things that induce pregnancy weight reduction one of which is eating the wrong foods and becoming ill. Certain foods improve your chance of becoming ill and can cause pregnancy weight reduction.

So what are foods to avoid during pregnancy?

Foods to prevent during pregnancy that can cause severe illness include raw meats, deli meat, certain seafood and some milk products.

Meats And Proteins To prevent

Raw meat or perhaps undercooked meats can be a great growing ground for bacteria and other harmful agents. Any meat eaten while pregnant should be completely cooked.

Along those self same lines, deli meats could be a source of listeria and should be ignored. Listeria is bacteria which in turn causes an infection called listeriosis.

Listeriosis is a relatively rare infection but women that are pregnant are in high risk of contracting it. Listeriosis in a expectant mother can lead to early delivery, infection of, and worst of all death of the people.

Symptoms might be flu-like and include "fever, chills, muscle aches, diarrhoea and upset stomach". Symptoms typically last Seven to ten days. It's also easy to have the infection with no symptoms whatsoever.

Seafood To prevent

Raw fish and raw shellfish should definitely perform your listing of foods to prevent while pregnant.

Raw fish can contain bacteria and parasites such as tapeworms which if they grow large enough can rob your body of nutrients required for your child and may also result in pregnancy weight reduction.

However, properly cooked fish that is lower in mercury and in omega 3 is nice to include in your diet plan for any healthy pregnancy.

Fish full of Omega3 and low in mercury include

- Mackerel;
- Atlantic Salmon;
- Canned Tuna & canned Salmon in oil;
- Herrings and
- Sardines.

Dairy products To prevent

Although dairy products generally are great for a healthy diet, some dairy foods aren't safe to eat when pregnant. Pregnant women should not consume unpasteurised milk or soft cheeses like Brie and Feta as they could have harmful bacteria.

Ladies who are pregnant should not eat raw or soft boiled eggs, this includes foods which use raw eggs as ingredients in which the food is not cooked unless pasteurised eggs have been utilized in the procedure.

Raw eggs can contain salmonella bacteria. Specific foods to prevent during pregnancy include homemade mayonnaise, homemade ice cream and Hollandaise sauce.

Pregnancy weight loss because of becoming ill from foods containing bacteria could be serious. Food poisoning and diarrhoea may cause pregnancy weight loss and microbe infections may cause your developing baby to get sick.

Be sure you have a healthy putting on weight rather than a pregnancy weight reduction by knowing which foods to consume and which foods to prevent during pregnancy.

Apart from food, over exercising can cause pregnancy weight reduction so if you have your doctor's approval for exercise during pregnancy be sure you don't over do it.

Be secure, eat well and enjoy your pregnancy.
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