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The Top Seven Best Underground Rappers From your South

hard felt

As I was watching BET another night, some friends and that i were creating a discussion in regards to the best underground rappers in the South. And so i decided basically would definitely make a list of the best, what is the one word I can think of to evaluate them by? And the word I created was consistency. Let's wait and watch who on this list meets this criteria.

1. Pastor Troy- Residing out of Augusta, Ga & arguably just about the most controversial underground rap artist of his time. Pastor Troy stormed to the scene with the 1999 with his smash hit single "We Ready" (I Declare War) attacking Master P, which some individuals say he successfully ended Master P's rap career. No underground artist has released more music than Mr. Troy himself. With 23 albums as a solo artist about three albums together with his group D.S.G.B inside a 12-year carrier. No-one can possibly disagree with Pastor troy standing on this list.

2. Project Pat- This Tennessee representa was the main reason the song "Sippin on Some Sizzurp" by Three 6 Mafia was obviously a hit. Known for his legal troubles using the law, Project Pat exploded onto the on his third solo album using the mega ton hit single off of the 2001 Mista Don't Play album "Chicken Head"! This record would be a classic within the South. With eight studio albums and ten mix tapes later. Project Pat is still a force being reckoned with.

3. Bun B- Hailing out of Port Arthur, Texas, Bun B is historically recognized to the planet together 1 / 2 of UGK. Bun B is certainly and i also mean the most influential and lyrically acclaimed well-known rappers throughout the hip-hop industry. With a silky smooth baritone delivery Bun B will run circles around the average MC. The entire world to be sure it found out precisely how cold he was on Jay Z's "Big Pimpin" song off of the Life & Points during the S. Carter album. That was undoubtedly among the best verses around the song. Using a classic album under his belt " Trill OG" and three solo albums combined. It's impossible we can deny the Under Ground King from standing on their list.

4. BG- From the mean streets of New Orleans, B.G. is probably the most underrated and overlooked underground rappers from the south. However, this man features a serious catalogue. In the albums Chopper City, It's All for you Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, Obtain it How U Live and Guerrilla Warfare using the group Hot Boys, Chopper City In The Ghetto, & Checkmate, (by using Cash Money Records). For the Independent albums Living Legend, Life After Cash Money, One's heart of tha Streetz, Vol.1 & The center of tha Streetz, Vol.2 (I will be What I Am) and diverse other albums. With fourteen albums to his catalogue combined, ten like a solo artist & two as part of the Hot Boyz & two with Chopper City Boyz. B.G.'s catalogue speaks by itself.

5. Lil Boosie- Noted for his gritty street rap style and the run ins with the law, Lil Boosie aka Boosie Bad Azz has been in the rap game for upwards of ten years now. From his first debut feature on C-Loc's 2000 album "It's A bet," to his first 2003 solo debut with Trill Entertainment "For My Thugz". Lil Bossie may be consistent through time. Lil Boosie recorded two more solo albums, one in 2006 entitled "Bad Azz" and yet another last year called "Super Bad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz". With several collaboration albums with label mate Lil Weebie under his belt, Lil Bossie has proven to become one of the best underground rappers in the South.

6. Young Buck- From Nashville, Tennessee, Young Buck began out with Cash Money Records and eventually would end up leaving the label with label mate Juvenile in the year 2000 to go to UTP Records. But his carrier didn't take off until he met NY rapper 50 Cent then he later sign to G-Unit. Young Buck then featured on 50 Cent's Break the bank or Die Trying album. He down the road dropped "Straight Outta Cashville" where he released the smash hit single off the album " Shorty Wanna Ride With Me" understanding that established Young Buck like a force in the rap game. Young Buck is regarded as among the best lyricist within the South by fellow rappers in the industry. With all the discharge of "Buck the World" & Rehab. Buck has been consistent through his along carrier.
hard felt
7. Yo Gotti- From Memphis, Tennessee Yo Gotti started out in 2000 with his first album titled "From Da Dope Game To Da Rap Game" and has been making moves rap game for over ten years consistently. With five studio albums and seven mix tapes to his name. Yo Gotti has shown he's stamina and the wok ethic to keep relevant in the ever-changing rap game.

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