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Anthropologie launched Puristry skincare

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The INSIDER Summary:

Anthropologie is known for their chic products and cute clothes.

They just launched Puristry, their own natural skincare line made with wild botanicals, hydrating oils and antioxidant-rich berries. 

The six-piece line uses ingredients that are USDA-certified organic.

 isn't content with making sure you have the chicest apartment
 and closet around — the store is now offering something for your bathroom cabinet. Yesterday, Anthro launched Puristy
, its own exclusive organic skincare line made with wild botanicals, hydrating oils and antioxidant-rich berries in collaboration with Susie Wang, the founder of 100% Pure

"I'm extremely excited to produce an exclusive line for Anthropologie, a retailer that stocks 90 percent of my closet, Wang said in a press release. "I'm using the best of all my 15 plus years' experience with formulating to produce the most amazing skin treatments that utilize the chemistry of pure nutrients." The line uses ingredients that are USDA-certified organic to deliver powerful results. Grab your wallets and keep reading to see the six-piece line.

Skin Care/Anthropologie

1. Nopal Cactus Cleanser
An extra gentle, foaming facial cleanser that is is full of nopal cactus, which is deeply soothing, plus a blend of brightening and vitamin-packed citrus gently washes away dullness for a glowing complexion.


2. Flower Water Toner
Quench thirsty skin cells with nutrient-packed water to lock in hydration, resulting in a plumped, softened, and soothed complexion.


3. Seaberry biosilk renewl moisturizer,,
Seaberry's potent anti-aging benefits also help to reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing firmness and elasticity.


4. Restorative Facial Oil
This comprehensive blend of the finest cold-pressed, antioxidant-packed oils were carefully chosen for their abilities to help improve elasticity, firmness, suppleness, and tone to minimize and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


5. Vine Therapy Serum
A powerful concentration of antioxidant-rich grapes and algae work together to replenish and restore while strengthening the skin's matrix. The result is a vibrant youthful complexion.


6. Yerba Mate Eye Cream
Lack of circulation causes blood flow to be sluggish, which makes under-eyes look dark and puffy. This exclusive formula helps make the delicate skin around the eyes look awake and vibrant.

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