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What are the classification of Chinese vacuum brick machine?

With the continuous development of science and technology, each industry used in a variety of mechanical functions are constantly updated and improved, so as to industrial production and industry development has taken the essence of the changes, China's vacuum brick machine is so, then this equipment have what classification? What difference does it have with clay brick machine? We look at the following introduction .
Type of vacuum brick machine in China:vacuum brick machine
This equipment is usually used in the brick factory, but also determines the production of the key, so manufacturers in the purchase of this equipment, usually according to their own factory conditions to choose the corresponding equipment.
Chinese vacuum brick Machine if according to is not a vacuum to classify words, there are vacuum brick machine and ordinary brick machine, vacuum brick function let the raw material better shape, and can apply to a variety of raw materials, ordinary brick machine is only suitable for clay.
If according to can stir the classification, respectively:
Two-stage vacuum brick machine and single stage vacuum brick machine, two-stage vacuum brick machine is divided into compact, T-shaped, combination of double machine vacuum brick machine.
The difference between Chinese vacuum brick machine and clay brick machine:
The vacuum brick machine is suitable for the high efficiency blank machine, the tunnel kiln, wheel kiln, pot kiln, made out of the Adobe moisture content can reach Bell, brick corner leng looks smooth and flat, and can stack 14 to 17 layers will not crush deformation, and this equipment can make two types of brick, do not need to dry the adobe, Through the high efficiency of the machine directly into the kiln slab car, through the ferry to the tunnel kiln to the drying room, and then sent to the sintering Chamber of Brick, after the high temperature zone fired into finished bricks, and then continuously put the finished brick car traction with the way to drag out, this can effectively save labor and cost is very practical.
The clay brick machine is suitable for use in the wheel kiln and the pot kiln, it is the main feature is the speed of the brick, moisture content between 28% to 35%, smooth surface, angular formation, but made out of the tile can not be stacked, because the equipment made out of the adobe is very easy to deformation, in the stacking time need to use the Adobe, Then use the car to dry drying field, this equipment will increase the labor force, in the gradual automation of equipment in the social development situation, such a strong labor force equipment, with the development of slowly be eliminated.
This is the difference between Chinese vacuum brick machine and clay brick machine, and its type introduction, hope these content can let everybody know, this kind of equipment exists, can help to raise the production efficiency of brick block making machine, help the brick factory to raise profit, so when choosing such equipment, should pay attention to it not only to the quality but also to the degree that it meets the requirement.

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