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What's the Work Concept of Decoder for LED Front Lights?

While we discuss decoder, you may understand this is for led headlamps for cars -, front lights and also can fix the CANBus issue. But not everybody understands it is functioning principle, so today we would like to show to you just how it work.

led headlampWhen will you require a decoder?

While you mount led fronts lights right into your cars and truck as well as meet the issues like the circumstance belows, you might require a decoder.

( 1) While you turn on the light after installation, the light bulb keep blinking.
( 2) Computer shows error when mount led headlights.
( 3) The bulb still keep lighting for a while although you have shut off the light.
( 4) Lights is every dimmed, not intense as typically.

What is the functions of decoder?
LVTAUTO decoder include the functions as belows:

1. Fit to Germany autos which need electronic decoding.
There is a CANBus digital check for the light while you switch on the engine of Germany cars and trucks, so it needs electronic decoding. As well as our decoder can provide this electronic decoding feature. For some Germany autos, the system will certainly also check the working power of the headlights bulbs after you transform it on. In this situation, you still require to add a resistor on the front lights bulbs to satisfy the demand of power.

2. Fit to pulse power provided cars and trucks
Pulse power supplied capacitance is a technology to minimize the warm worth of halogen light bulbs, make the life expectancy be longer, and also conserve even more power on working. But led headlights need constant current provided, not pulse power provided this kind of periodic power supply. So while you install the led headlights right into the car with pulse power supplied gadget, the led headlight light bulbs will maintain blinking or flash and after that lights off. In this circumstance, decoder will be a big capacitance and also store up the electric on it as well as keep supply to the led headlights light bulb existing continuously.

3, A tiny digital part for Toyota autos.
There is a high beam signal light on Toyota vehicles, which will certainly be activated by an electronic component of in our decoder.

After a lot of screening and also summarize the feedback from our consumers, our decoder already can fit to a lot of cars on the marketplace, consisting of BMW, VW, Dodge vehicles and more. Besides, our decoders are various to the others on the market, under long period of time working in vehicle, ours can maintain a sensible functioning temperature level as well as challenging to wear out

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