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Just how to maintain teabag packaging equipment

Tea packaging device are actually widely used in herbal tea packing, and also some medication and also other markets which need to have inside and also outside bag. Therefore cleansing job is especially essential, then just how to cleanse it adequately?

sachet packing machine china1, sachet packing machines frequently inspect the technical components the moment a month, including the earthworm, worm rod, lubing block screws, bearings and also other activities are part of the flexible and also put on problems, located problems need to be actually immediately restored, certainly not obliged to utilize.

2, the device needs to be placed in a tidy and also tidy interior use, not in the atmosphere including acids and various other harsh fuels on the physical body of the use of places.

3, after making use of, you should eliminate the rotating drum to clean and clean the continuing to be product within the pail, after that mounted and also prepare for upcoming opportunity.

4, when the drum in the work happened before and also after relocating, satisfy change the main bearing movement M10 screw to the ideal place. If the cogwheel ray is relocating, adjust the M10 screw to the ideal posture on the back of the bearing frame, adjust the space to create the bearing no sound, palm wheel, elastic necessary, too precarious or as well loose may crack the maker.

5, if tools during the course of outage for a number of years, the machine should be wiped tidy the entire body system, the smooth aspect of the machine coated with anti-rust oil, with an excellent towel.

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