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IAMSPORT is a global social community by athletes for athletes and for fans sharing the passion of sport around the world.

What is the purpose of IAMSPORT.ORG?

The purpose of iamsport.com is to provide an internet based community where athletes of any sports discipline and fans of sport can communicate and share stories, accomplishments, photos, videos, blogs etc.

Can I get involved?

The moment you register your account for a grand total of zero dollars at iamsport.org you are involved and ready to go. Unfortunately there are no discounts to the registration fee. You are joining a global community that represents hundreds of millions of world wide.


IAMSPORT.ORG is owned by IAMSPORT Holdings Group LLC a subsidiary of PARADOX CENTERS (Intelligent Technologies).  The management of IAMSPORT is comprised of well known athletes from many different sports, including Olympians.

Can I give IAMSPORT.ORG developers suggestions?

Absolutely. We are always open to suggestions that can make iamsport.org better for all users of the community. Contact us at support@iamsport.org

What can I do if I wish to see a new feature added?

Simply send us an email at support@iamsport.org or put it in your postings.

How much does iamsport.org cost?

IAMSPORT.ORG is free to all registered users.

Can I use IAMSPORT.ORG in my university?

IAMSPORT.ORG can be accessed worldwide via an internet connection


How do I join?

On our home page click on “SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE”

Simply fill in your name and email address and click “register” You are now immediately added to the IAMSPORT.ORG Network. You will also receive an email thanking you for registering with IAMSPORT.ORG

Are there different types of account?

There is just one account, your user account


What is a community?

Wikipedia describes a community as a “social group sharing an environment, normally with shared interests” The word community is derived from the Latin communitas (meaning the same), which is in turn derived from communis, which means “common, public, shared by all or many”

How do I link to other communities?

There are many social communities on the internet today and their numbers are growing quickly. Our suggestion would be to “Google” them and learn more as you go.

How do I link to my friends?

Once you are online and logged in you can click on “FRIENDS”  under the Tools menu which brings up a page with several menu items.

To add a user as a friend, find your friend first and when you see their profile page click on “Add friend” underneath the picture of your friend.  This will send a message to your friend asking if he/she authorizes the friendship.  Once they do, you are officially “friends”. However, they and you have the possibility to “reject” a friend as well.

You can also “invite a friend” For example, if you want to link to a iamsport.org friend who does not have an account yet you can click on “INVITATIONS” under the Tools menu and enter their details (name, email address and an optional message) on the page. They will then receive a special invitation email containing a code that allows them to create a new account; once they do so, a mutual friend connection will be created between their account and yours.

What constitutes a friend I can link to?

A friend is a user with whom you share a friend connection which is a link created between your account and theirs.


Can I customize my iamsport.org profile page?

Yes, the IAMSPORT community is an advanced features social platform that uses the latest functionality in social networking.  All features are available in the menu bar that has the little iamsport logo on the right. Simply select a function from the Tools menu and you are ready to create broadcasts, photo albums, groups, calendars, etc. 

To create your profile page simply click on “Add Widgets to Profile” and then drag any widget in the gallery to your page and place them where you want.  It’s that simple.

What level of control do I have over layout?

You have complete control over the layout of your profile page.  You decide what information is displayed and what information is not.  You represent your information through the widgets on your page.


Why is the system not letting me upload a file?

There could be a variety of reasons. The most common is that your file is too large. While you can store a large number of files, individual files must be no larger than 500MB.

How do I delete an item in my media library?

On the main toolbar (at the very top of the page), click "Media" Once there, all of the files in your repository will be listed. Simply click on the item and then delete it from your library.

What is metadata?

Metadata are the tags you associate with your files, blog posts and other items. This data helps others find your profile and information.

Can I link to and or search through some else's repository?

By making another user your friend you are in fact linking your profiles and files together

What are my access privileges?

You have access to change your profile, files, libraries, and all other information you have posted and any other user features constantly added to the IAMSPORT network. You also control who can make you their friend and who can become yours.

How do I change access privileges on an element in my library?

When posting or uploading content you are given the choice of three different access restrictions:

For everybody to see, even if they are not logged into the community
Only for you to see and nobody else
Logged In users
For everybody who is logged into the community and has a valid username


What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content, such as news headlines. Using an RSS reader, you can view data feeds from various news sources, such as Greenbrier.com, including headlines, summaries, and links to full stories.

RSS/News Aggregators (also called Readers) will download and display RSS feeds for you. A number of free and commercial News Aggregators are available for download.
Many aggregators are separate, "stand-alone" programs; other services will let you add RSS feeds to a Web page.

If you do not already have a way to access RSS feeds, you'll need to get and install a FREE RSS "reader." Here are a few:
                      # -Windows: Pluck, FeedReader
                      # -Mac OS X: NetNewsWire Lite
Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari and Internet Explorer 7 have built in support for RSS. Once you have an RSS reader. Simply click on the RSS icon (Orange radio signal) to subscribe.

Detailed Instructions for Windows Users
Outlook 2007 Instructions
1. Click an RSS link and copy the URL
2. Open Outlook 2007
3. In the Mail navigation pane, right-click RSS Subscriptions.
4. In the New RSS Feed window, enter the URL of the RSS feed, and then click Add.
5. In the confirmation window, click Yes. To configure the feed first, click Advanced.

Internet Explorer 7 Instructions
1. Browse to a site that offers RSS feeds.
2. Click the arrow next to the RSS icon to see a list of feeds for that page.
3. Click one of the feeds to view a Web page that shows all content for the feed.
4. On the Web page, click Subscribe to this feed.
5. In the Subscribe to this Feed window, click Subscribe.

Windows Vista Instructions
1. On the Windows Vista desktop, right-click the Sidebar, and then click Add Gadgets.
2. In the Gadgets window, right-click the Feed Viewer, and then click Add. You can also drag the Feed Viewer to the Sidebar.
3. In the Sidebar, right-click the Feed Viewer, and then click Settings. A list of feeds appears. The list consists of feeds from the Microsoft RSS Feed Store as well as the feeds you have subscribed to.
4. Click a feed, and then click OK. The feed now appears in the Feed Viewer.
5. To view the RSS content, in the Feed Viewer, click the feed.

Note A Feed Viewer displays only one RSS feed. To display multiple feeds, you must add multiple Feed Viewers.


How secure is the site?

The data on the PARADOX servers are protected by multiple encryption technologies.

The passwords of the system are encrypted using MD5 and stored within the database.

Physical access to the server is protected by proximity and key locks with 24/7 video surveillance in addition to onsite physical security.

What are the rules on inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content as explained in the legal notices and terms and conditions is
not tolerated.  When a user breaks these rules they are subject to immediate termination.

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