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Discharge Causes and How to Overcome It

crystal x - Most of the women had experienced either only once or a vaginal discharge continues. Vaginal discharge caused by infection by the fungus Candida. How to banish the white women were often terrorized?

As quoted from detikhealth, vaginal discharge caused by a fungus or yeast infections of the vulva or vagina. This condition causes the female to smell, yellowish white discharge, itching, burning and even to become swollen.

If the condition is so severe that people could make it difficult to walk, and pain when urinating or having sex.

Virtually every person has the Candida fungus in small amounts in the mouth, vagina, gastrointestinal tract and skin. In healthy individuals, these bacteria are friendly and a good immune system can prevent infection.

However, if their immune systems are damaged or weak it will be easier for the fungus Candida to grow and cause disease. The use of certain drugs such as antibiotics, steroids and oral contraceptives may alter the natural organisms in the vagina.

Another factor that can trigger vaginal discharge is a disease of diabetes, pregnancy, use of antihistamines, stress, using the tight pants causing humid conditions, as well as the chemicals contained in soap or detergent.

As reported by The Body, one way to prevent the discharge is to boost the immune system.

But there are many other ways in an easy and practical to prevent it ( penyebab keputihan ), namely:

1. Avoid the use of vaginal cleaning fluid. This fluid can alter the normal acidity of the vagina thus increasing the risk of infection and cause inflammation.

2. Avoid the use of clothing or tight pants because it can block the air flow, you should use cotton clothing.

3. Rinsing the vagina from front to back to avoid the entry of germs from the anus.

4. Get used to dry the outside of the vagina by using a tissue or clean washcloth after urinating or large.

5. Avoid the use scented pantyliners or continuously every day, because it can cause irritation.

6. Reduce consumption of sugar and alcohol, because it can help the development of the fungus Candida.

7. Eating garlic, because it is believed to contain natural anti-fungal.

8. Consumption of milk or yogurt because it contains acidophilus bacteria that help keep the bacteria remain in balance.

Until now no similar prescription to treat Candida yeast infection at all. One of the things being done to treat it is to create an environment that is conducive conditions for the fungus to multiply, and use anti-fungal medications are prescribed paramedics.

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