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Experiences are there to share, and when we care we share!!!!
I wish to share my experience with all of you, because I believe that when we care we share. This is Bhavani Shankar from Pune, a retired professor and I love reading books. Books are my friends and my passion too. I love to read my favorite writers and always wish to have a good collection of books. I live in Pune and there are times when I had to travel to Mumbai in search of few books which I could not find in Pune.

Books have many things to say and only a book lover can understand what I mean by this. Buying books was earlier a great pain till I found online book stores in India. I might have wasted at least 5% of my life time in searching for books. Now these online book stores have made it so simple and easy for all of us. I was unaware of all this till my granddaughter Neeta told me about it. Last year when she had visited us during vacation, she saw me struggling to buy books in local shops and gave me this new idea. She also showed me how online book stores help us in saving time and money.

Well, if I being a retired professor can understand this, I feel all of you will surely enjoy shopping online. It is much simpler than taking a walk till the local book shop and coming back disappointed. Just a click on the Google search bar and type in “want to buy Solo by Rana Das Gupta”, you will find all those online book stores which sell books online. Then visit two or more websites to check out the prices, different websites quote different prices. You can opt for the website which gives you the best deal. For payment you have many options. I always prefer going for cash on delivery. My book reaches me in 3-4 business days. Free delivery is available in many online book stores. So, it takes less than 10 minutes to buy a book. This is a real boon for all book lovers. I thank Neeta for showing me this way and she has saved lot of my time and money which went waste all these years. So, for all the book lovers there, try buying books online and you could experience the same.

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