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After the Prophet Hazrat Isa ibn e Maryam, a long couple of time was spent without a Prophet. The light and the knowledge of Islam were disappeared. From the start, Christianity had been subjected to modifications by radicals and to understand by the ignorant. Christianity cut down into disgrace and turn out to be a matter of activity for a dishonest and the charlatan. The easy education of the Messiah was hidden under the transgressors wicked behavior, Hajj and Umrah packages. And the Jews had become a civilization fanatical with money and system missing all life and strength.  The people turned into wrong ways, some go out to devote to fire worship. They have changed their religion. In short, at that time, mankind was in the depths of despair course. Allah Almighty said: ‘dishonesty has come into view in the land and sea from side, what the hands of People have made, that He may let them experience some part of that which they have completed, that maybe they will come back.’ Man had onwards his Creator and was unaware between good and bad, or beautiful or ugly. They forgot about their creator. The Arabians started to drinking and gambling.

Time of blessings
Allah Almighty’s Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him was forty years old when He threw the first light of Islam on people. It is the time of His missions. Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him started to deliver the education of religion Islam. And He had started to aware people with the blessing of Allah, Umrah in Ramadan. Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him, usually went to the cave of Hira. The mission of Islam started by Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him when He was in the cave of Hira when an angel of Allah appeared and said to Him, “read”, Prophet Muhammad replied, “I don’t know how to read”. Then the angel squeezed Him as hard as He could bear then angel said, “Read”, Hazrat Muhammad, Peace be upon him reply same “I cannot read” then the angel squeezed as hard as He can bear and said “read”, then Hazrat Muhammad, Peace be upon him replied, “I cannot read” then the Angel squeezed Him again and said “read in the name of Allah, who created a man from a clot of a blood, Read, your Allah is most generous, Who taught by pen, and thought him what he did not know ”. Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him was forty-one year old and it was the seventeenth day of Ramadan and the sixth day of August 610 C.E. This was the first recital of Quran which is revealed, and was the first day of prophet hood, Ramadan Umrah packages 2014. Naturally, the beloved Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him was anxious by the knowledge.  He had not recognized that was occurring and He had not perceived sound of something like this increasingly happening before. It had been an extended time since there had been a prophet. In any case, the Arabs had only an inaccessible connection with prophet hood. He was very alarmed and went back to His house wobbly. Hazrat Khadeeja was the first lady who accepted the Islam and believed in Allah. Then Hazrat Ali, May Allah pleased with Him and after that Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq, may Allah pleased with him.  Abu Bakar Siddiq was famous in Quresh because of His intellect and strength of Justice and had enough knowledge about the history of Quresh. With the help of Hazrat Abu Bakar many noble people of Quresh accepted Islam, Ramadan Umrah. Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him kept His mission secret for three years and then by the ordered by Allah, He displayed His religion openly and said, “loudly proclaim what you are commanded and turn away from the idol- worshippers”( 15: 94)