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. . What is phenylephrine? Advanced Drug Discussion . . . . The problem is the folkis who want to use it to make meth The phenylephrine is OK but not as effective. The "new" pseudoephedrine (Phenylephrine) Advanced Drug Discussion . Dextromethorphan Tannate, Diphenhydramine Tannate, Phenylephrine Tannate Oral suspension What is this medicine? DEXTROMETHORPHAN, DIPHENHYDRAMINE, and PHENYLEPHRINE (dex troe meth OR . . . DEXTROMETHORPHAN; PHENYLEPHRINE; PYRILAMINE (dex troe meth OR fan; fen il EF rin; peer ILL a meen) is a combination of a cough suppressant, a decongestant and an antihistamine. . . . . Best Answer: Yes 1use a strong reducing agent such as phosphorus and iodine ( crushed match heads and packs of iodine for cuts) or some tin and hydrochloric acid ( clemenson . . . Recipe for Meth List of chemicals and materials: 1) Dilute Hydrochloric acid--> This may be purchased at the hardware store. Decongestants with other ingredients were completely . . . Drug Discussion . of folks that do get better relief from pseudoephedrine than phenylephrine, and that . . . . get updates discuss research share Facebook Twitter Search Related answers: How is meth used ? Methamphetamine comes in many . Several manufacturers are reformulating cold medicines with a similar drug called phenylephrine, which can't be used to make meth. . Best Answer: Methamphetamine (C10H15N) or chrystal meth as is most commmonly known, is an intensive psychostimulant and belongs in the family of drugs known as amphetamines . If you really have a problem, use Afrin nasal spray for 3-5 days, it . . . . . He talks about the ways in which Pfizer has worked to address the meth problem, most recently in the development of phenylephrine, an alternative to pseudoephedrine that can't be . . . Links. Back To Home. . . n. . . . An adrenergic drug, C 9 H 13 NO 2 , that is a powerful vasoconstrictor and is used to relieve nasal congestion, dilate the pupils, and maintain blood pressure during . shut down 7,000 meth labs last year, AP said, citing the Drug Enforcement Agency. . Sudafed PE contains a different and less effective decongestant called phenylephrine, in a formulation sold for years. . Can you answer this question? Answer it or. . 6/22/2005 · Pfizer officials say it is theoretically possible for someone to alter phenylephrine for meth production, but it would be complicated, expensive and almost impossible . that drug companies, out of greed were refusing to replace the pseudoephedrine, a methamphetamine precursor, with a the decongestant phenylephrine, which is useless in making meth. . . . . . It's funny that states are limiting pseudoephedrine sales because of the "meth . Subscription - Wall Street Journal Online . . . They're switching to phenylephrine, a product that doesn't convert to meth, and those products are already on the shelves in many states like Oregon and Oklahoma and Iowa and other . 8/21/2005 · Host John Ydstie talks about this law and and other anti-meth legislation . . .