What is a ribosome like in a house

Brief description: What is a ribosome like in a house

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. . . . . Compare ribosomes to a structure of your house? How are ribosomes similar to an . From the shirts, the ribosome looks like a . . . So its like a window it like the computer parts membrane. . . How is a ribosome like a kitchen. in my class project need help finding an example of a ribosome . . . . What would you like to ask? . Lysosome could be like a . A ribosome is like a honeybee as they both produce materials needed according to the dir. A ribosome is the part of the cell that makes proteins from Messenger RNA, so, I would guess that the "ribosome" of your house . help me think of an analogy for a vacuole and golgi body that i can find in a house . . What color is a ribosome in the 7th grade text book cause i forgot to brin it home? . ribos keep the body moving and working, just like machinery in a city. (DNA represents the building plans, mRNA is like copies or blueprints of the . . . Mitocondria is the energy of the cell, the POWER HOUSE!!! . . and how is a peroxisome like a container and how is a . . . Cereal because it floats on the milk just like the ribosome floats on the cytoplasm . . . . . it takes the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The completed ribosome has niches that hold up to three tRNAs at a time. . . I think the border of the city or like a fence or wall . . . . . . . . . . So, I say use the BF as a foundation, and the ribosome as the upstairs of the house . . The cars in the parking lot are symbolic of a ribosome because . . House AnalogyThe sense of “family time” is like the Golgi in a cell . . The back pathways serve as vacuoles because they both house . they "collect" light and heat your house kindaWhat is a cell city analogy for a ribosome? . . How can i describe a house using cell analogy including mitochondria ribosomes nucleus . Golgi bags make the ribosome so they can be related to garbage . . . . Can you compare ribosomes to . . these rooms are . Visit the Government House in Baku, AzerbaijanCell membrane, Nucleus, Ribosome, Mitochondria, Golgi . . . It looks more “machine-like”, everyone notices it. . What analogy would be good to compare the Ribosomal in a cell compared to a houseWhat would you like to ask? . with grapes and apples and even more grapes, just like you . A ribosome is the part of the cell that makes proteins from Messenger RNA, so, I would guess that the "ribosome" of your house . . . If you think of the protein as a building like a house, then the ribosome is like the building site. versions of the characters from Superbook and Flying HouseA Ribosome would be like the fuel to the car, it produces the. a cell is like a house, and inside the cell there are different rooms. . . . . . . stores lots of important info. Windows