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here at man-d-go's kennels we believe just the opposit, we breed for perfection. East Moline, IL 61244 309-496-2241 • elifran7@gmail. We will be selling the majority of our Eli/Boudreaux dogs, as well as a few of our other . . Some of our American Pit Bull Terrier's bloodlines consist of Colby, Eli, Carver, York . we have bloodlines down from great dogs such as redboy,jeep . . Noble Kennels is a small kennel in North Louisiana striving to produce some of the best American Pitbull Terriers around. We strive to produce LOYAL and HEALTHY . Buy your blood . BULLDOGS. pitbull,rampage,kennel, oklahoma,colby,heinzl,redboy,jocko,jeep,pit,ADBA,pit,american pitbull,terrierPhotographs, kennel information, and message boards. . We work hard and are dedicated to all of our dogs. ELI / BULLYSON @ IT'S BEST !!!!Preservation Kennels. comTightline Kennels = We Hunt Our Dogs. . Family owned kennel, breed for size/temperament, from finest bloodlines found anywhere including: Plumber's Ch. . Irmo. Our dogs recieve the very best care and our yard is well maintained . We are running the best of Boyles , Eli and Eli carver bloodlines. . We do not breed sell . We are a small kennel located in North Texas. . . . . Pure Eli, Bullyson, Chinaman, and Jeep Bloodlinespitbull,rampage,kennel, oklahoma,colby,heinzl,redboy,jocko,jeep,pit,ADBA,pit,american pitbull,terrierWe also like to take great pride in our Eli/carver blood, through pure Boudreaux and . If youve been having trouble finding a line of dogs thats concidered STABLE and CONSISTANT at throwing GOOD DOGS. Hobby Breeder. . . . Harrison's FlashFire APBT Kennel * American Pit Bull Terriers * Ocala, Florida . White Crane Kennels, Home of some of the best Redboy, Jocko, Eli, Boudreaux, Six Bits, Bullyson, Bolio, Tombstone, Patrick, and Boyles American Pitbull Terriers in the WORLD!Mart boy kennels martyspits american pit bull terriers rednose brindle eli boudreaux cowboy jeep redboy woods wilder dos midnight cowboy crenshaw/jeep studs bitches puppies for . . Special thanks to Jerry Clemmons. . Our kennel stock consist of Eli Bolio Carvers Colbys Red boy . Alligator, Carver, Watchdog, Bismarck, Eddington, Freeman, Hammond's . Because here at StoneKutter Kennels we are doing the best of our ability to put the . . Here at Alias Kennels our dogs are bred the way their pedigrees say they are. American Pit Bull Terrier Kennel. ADBA REG. . (he has bred dogs that are some of the best that we see in pedigrees today, eli, maverick . . . . . Pit Bull terriers bred to preserve Eli Bloodline. . here at mile hi kennels we've been owning this great breed since 1998. . . . american pit bull terrier . . Man i Love to Hog Hunt !!!!! Chuck @ Tightline Kennels. . . . Here at Truth or Square we specalize in Eli and Eli crosses. We utilize mainly Eli and Eli crosses . Frank and Karen Pouder 19121 - 12th Ave N. .