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. It will include an industrial, center-city switching area, links to . SFIR: Santa Fe Industrial Railroad This was the HO layout I was building in a 13' x 18' bonus room over the . . . . Operational Switching Layouts Southern Pacific in New Zealand. . I haven't decided for sure but what would be good dimensions for a switching layout. This could be a switching layout featuring a number of separate businesses, a shortline . . . . Model Railroading Forums . Case Industrial is a HO scale layout in a 2x1 feet suitcase. The Hudson Central is a mix of freight and passenger traffic in Northern New Jersey. Rather than moving a train from point to point, the focus is on switching individual industries in one place or one industrial park. Industrial Switching; Kickback Quarry; Knotter Yard; Lesana Yard; Lil’ Stump JunctionBig Blue Train Forum . La Mirada, CA Industrial Switching Layout Progress HO Scale . Here's an eBay tip: Did you know that when you search eBay (or make a . . . . Description of South Plains Industrial Switching Layout . . Helpful Model Rail Resources, Links & Shopping. Santa Fe Industrial Switching Layout: A freelance HO switching layout in a 13' x 18' space. in the August 1997 Model Railroader, The Port Kelsey Railway, modelled by Tim Warris. . What I am now looking for is some type of "scenic" switching layout, that does not only offer a good operation, but also some "scenery" - preferably of the urban/industrial type. Model Railroading Forums . My friend, Lawrence (Lawrie . . . . . This is a layout dedicated to switching in a congested industrial area where many industries with various activities require all sort of railcars types. . Nearer the back, some industrial sidings were added to keep the yard crews busy. Industrial / Switching RailroadThe Project Room . It is a small HO scale industrial waterfront switching layout, the . . . Look at the Sign-up Sheet: The Answer: "The South Plains District Industrial Switching Layout"There are some model railroad layouts designed for operational switching. Layout Shape: 'L' shaped shelf, maximum size of 17 feet along one edge, 6 feet along the other edge. Model Rail Portal & Community Forum featuring News, Reviews, Building and Collecting. . Page 5- La Mirada, CA Industrial Switching Layout Progress HO Scale . . The switching layout style of operation does . Type: Switching / Industrial Layout Scale: HO. . . . . . . . . . . As at May 2008, a 12 x 1 feet . La Mirada, CA Industrial Switching Layout Progress Layout Design and Construction. . Hi guys, this will be the thread where I post my progress of building the small HO Scale switching layout i have been planning. . My layouts have been . . Here's an eBay tip: Did you know that when you search eBay (or make a purchase . . . . A selection of model railroad plans and designs that have been either designed exclusively for this site or have been reproduced by the kind permission of the designers. Pages on design philosophy, construction methods and . This is my new industrial area, the runaround track is on the left with the caboose on . . . . General Theme