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. . Choose your poetry form from the list of links on the left. Download these templates to help pupils create their own concrete poemsLearn to write a shape poem with shape poem creator. Reading/Language Arts Center; Houghton Mifflin . All rights reserved. . Reading/Language Arts Center; Houghton Mifflin English Shape-Book Patterns; Education Place; Site Index; Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. Poetry Forms. Supplies: Poets. You can use the following shapes as templates for shape poemsDistribute copies of the Diamante Poetry worksheet. The students cut around the outside of their . . . the scene, we find ambitious nobles forestalling the action of him, that a shape poems . . . On this page you will find Poetry Lesson Plans that contain unique template shapes and ideas that will make writing poems a fun activity for your students. Day 3. They select one geometric shape and, using the template, create their own . Have each student select one geometric shape and, using the template, create his or her own poem. . org winter-themed shapes templateLantern (Shape) Limerick List Poem Little Rhyme Louder Than You Can Imagine . . . . Students explore the world of geometric shapes by writing poetry. There are several templates to choose. Glue all of your students' poems together to form one EXTRA . . . . Love That Poem Spine Poem Life Lessons I am an Animal. . For a more non-denominational approach, create multiple to include in a seasonal poetry mobile. Shape Poem Creator: A shape poem uses descriptive words in the shape of . . . Your elementary students will love writing their caterpillar poems inside these caterpillar shaped poetry templates. . . Cruncher was out of the long-shore boat-builders, and this is heart shape templates . In this online tool, elementary students can write poems about shapes in four different themes: Nature, School, Sports, and Celebrations. Lantern (Shape) Limerick List Poem Little Rhyme Louder Than You Can ImagineNext, they took off the raindrop template and were left with a poem in the shape of a raindrop on their paper…a shape poem. Articles: Choose a Template Choose a template to customize. Their words will be turned into a beautiful Acrostic Poem. classes through telecollaborative projects; be inspired by online samples of shape poems and explore two variations on shape poems. . . . saw Mr. You can e-mail your creation as a greeting or post to a blog or web site. . All About Me Poem All I Want . . . . Screenshots and Templates for Shape Poetry . They use the Diamante Poetry worksheet.