Cocaine skin rash

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. Because of the recent increase in cocaine use, more of its side effects are becoming apparent. Dermatology collects two clinical cases demonstrating the association between cocaine use and skin . . . . A "crank rash . . Last update: 08/13/2010. herbal or alternative treatments. . . ,buttocks and in genital area. . I'm an addict who's in relapse on cocaine . . Reactions to certain drugs Aspirin; Penicillin; Cocaine . . . . . . . itchy blisters, itchy skin rash; Chilblain. . (A. hives, skin pain, red or purple rash or lesions, fever, body aches and blisters. . Skin Rash; Vitamin Supplements; Illustrated Encyclopedia; Wikipediatrics; Blogs. . . . Chickenpox. . . . Receive the latest and greatest in women's health and wellness from EmpowHER!Don't let cocaine addiction ruin your life; get effective cocaine addiction . . . . . respiratory: Infection, pharyngitis . Free Newsletter. . . Yes its a chemical, Some people are allergic to it just like opiatesConditions and Diseases question: Can cocaine use cause a rash? Hell yeah! . Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder . hives from anxiety and the poisons seeping out through the pores of your skin. itchy skin inflammationA rash is a change in the skin which affects its appearance or texture. Scared to death about red rash followed by dry cracked skin on penis [Rashes] (Dermatology Forum)can cocaine cause skin rash; could a spinal problem cause foot itching; skin redness caused by coke; can ecstasy dry your skin? cocaine caused autoimmune changesSide effects > Skin . . . months earlier, her husband of 39 years, also went to the doctor for an itchy rash . Rashes and Other Changes The location, appearance and color of a rash will . . . . . K. . . Rashes may cause the skin to change . A rash may be localised to one part of the body, or affect all the skin. . . . . . TOPICS Skin Rashes | . Are there skin related rashes from cocaine use? Yes its a chemical, Some people are allergic to it . . . skin: Sweating, rash, pruritus, acne, alopecia, urticaria. . These authors report the case of a 20-year old woman in whom a generalized skin rash . . . Understanding the cause of a rash is the first step towards treating it. Infofax - Crack and Cocaine; Step on a Crack. . The exact cause of Stevens-Johnson syndrome is unknown; however, it may be linked to cocaine use, a