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. . . . R. . T. Correspondent A group of prominent Suffolk men recently became queens for a day in the 10th annual Womanless Beauty Pageant at the National Guard Armory. A. . Ruby, flirts with them during The Womanless Beauty Pageant at the Natchez Shrine Club . . . 23, a night of grown-up and fundraising . . . . . The adventures of a male, who femulates: imitates, copies, emulates, and tries to be like a female. . . k. . Chili Cook-off Womanless Beauty Contest Sepember 16 - 18, 2011 Cook your favorite chili recipe and possibly win FREE CAMPING! C'mon men, dress up and join the fun in the womanless . . The adventures of a male, who femulates: imitates, copies, emulates, and tries to be like a female. The OHTC Womanless Beauty Pageant fundraiser was a HUGE success! For less than the cost . By James Thomas Jr. On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, Mount Olive College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosted the Fifth Annual woManless Beauty Pageant. . . . Wilma Fingerdo” (People’s Choice Princess) and the OHTC winner for Most Womanless 2010 . The annual Crazy Womanless Pageant took place Oct. 2010 Chalk Walk PSA; This is a PSA for the S. . . Judges George Ward, Reynolds Atkins and Barrett Martin laugh as contestant Rod Givens, a. . . NO MONEY NO COOKIE this feautures the talent part of the show were the winner nikki vonshae works it out !BYRON — The top eight contestants in Saturday night’s Womanless Beauty Pageant wore boots, flowers attached to the top of their tennis shoes and wigs. Men Participate in "Womanless Beauty Pageant" for Alzheimer's Association . . . The following people were . . a. . December 31, 2010. . Posted by: Angie Location: Timberville on Aug 2, 2010 at 08:05 . WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2010 . . . Lowes Food of Stuart volunteered their store to carve pumpkins on Saturday. More men are becoming househusbands. They gave each . Boys dress as girls and compete in a beauty walk . . Temperature: 53° F: Conditions: overcast : Wind: from the W at 5 MPH : Humidity: 100%: Visibility: 10 miles : Dew Point: 53° F: Updated: 04-Nov-2010 10:01. Thursday Blotter - December 30, 2010. Future Plans_____ Favorite: Color, flower, movie, book, song, vacation place 2010 1 st Annual Womanless Beauty PageantSaturday, October 16, 2010, 07:00pm, 750 Broadway , MCHS Lady Wave Basketball Boosters are sponsoring a Womanless Beauty Pageant. Girls are outperforming boys at every level of education, Women are overtaking men in the workplace in both status and pay. East Pavilion employee Billie “Miss Billie Jean” Griffith won the Womanless Beauty . Team Member's Chalk Walk to help future teachers. The woManless Pageant consists of male . Not only will this be a