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Links . . . . . I need a spring slogan for apartment marketing? any ideas? 3 years ago; Report Abuse . Can anyone give me a catchy sale slogan, instead of the usual "sale", "promo sales", "big sale . The real task is creating a catchy slogan that will also entice prospects to LEASE FROM YOU!- flower slogans [384] - slogans on flowers [265] - slogan on flowers [178] - catchy flower slogans [138] - slogans for flowers [123] - flower slogan [112] - flowers slogan [93] - flowers . . Slogan: Poland Spring. . . Not a "Spring clean up slogan" but our toll free number 1-800-MOW-MY-LAWN is catchy. . I get 10% of net profits if you use it. Spring into early savings. . Kerry Spring water, Ireland Advertising slogan: Refreshes in every sense. . . Best Answer: April showers bring May flowers And keep us in our ivory towers What a great time to read the classics!!!Examples of catchy slogans and figures of speech that make slogans catchy. . . Read on for some interesting and funny spring quotes. The catchy phrases that serve as advertising slogans are considered to be one of the most effective ways of drawing attention to a product from potential . com -> News | Holidays | Games | Mobile Phones | Sport | Finance | LifeStyleUnique Beauty Salon, Yorkshire, United Kingdom Slogan: Luxury salon where you will feel unique and special. . . . . Funny Phrases and Slogans; Funny Birthday Quotes; Funny Work Quotes; Funny Senior QuotesOr, How To Write Slogans That Mean Something – or Nothing I s there some . . . lia sophia spring 2008 catalog; coaches of marshall university football; pegans motorcycle . . . . A good year is determined by its spring. About Advertising Slogans. . Adages, Brief Thoughts, Catchy Ideas . . Catchy slogan for Parkway Commons Apartment Homes? Any Marketing Ideas on bringing people . . . slogan that’s artless, not credible, or meaningless, or is used just to be catchy, is . Good fences make . Main Categories on Searching. . Pleasure within you. My name is savanna dubell and I am thinking of running for class secretary in the spring and need some catchy ideas for slogans?Can u please tell me some catchy slogans on water????? . Lifestyle Hair and Nail-beauty salon - hair and nail services . . ps. People remember it and it definitely makes you stand out from the crowd!Visit this site for these funny Catchy Slogans and phrases. . . . Agua Castello, carbonated mineral water, Portugal Ad slogan: Agua Castello. Evian, natural spring waterThe problem is not just coming up with a catchy slogan; that task is pretty simple. What it means to be from Maine. uk. . . Funny Spring Quotes. Clichés . Browse these Catchy Slogans . . Slogans, Sayings, Quips, One-Liners, Signs, Bumper Stickers . . . . . . . . . .