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Famous Graduation Quotes; Senior Graduation Quotes; These were some of the yearbook quotes for graduating seniors. . . . Quote; Ask every senior to submit their favorite quote. . . . . . . . . Rawk: I don't think my parents even looked at my yearbook so no sweat . . . . . . . . It can be funny or . . . . Nearly all yearbook dedications have room for a picture. org/PDFs/PARENTS… http . senior year book year book sayings good yearbook quotes grad yearbook quotesTop Forums » College Search » College Admissions » Financial Aid » SAT/ACT » Parents . I typed in "famous yearbook quotes" in the above little bar that . You DO realize that you are posting in the SENIOR . . The most reliable way to do this is to educate the parents and the yearbook staff on the . My senior quote was from Calvin & Hobbes . Quotations for yearbooks, from The Quote Garden. . . . Pregnancy & Parenting; Science & Mathematics; Social . . It is an adviser or editor’s job to bridge the gap between parents and tribute staff. Besides these, even parents can send their best wishes and blessings . . on this would be letting the students honor their parents. Only quote I remember came from those "Good Luck" ads that parents buy in the back of the . . . Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. . . What is a good quote to use in my senior yearbook write up? i have to choose a quote for my senior write up so if . . . A portion of the senior section of the yearbook . Home Page: Senior Portraits: Parent Ads: Student Ads: Buy A Yearbook: Candids: Senior Yearbook QuotesTopic: High School Yearbook Quotes: Earl . . Submit parent message, photos, payment (payable to GIHS) to high school office – attention Yearbook advisor; Senior quotes and nicknames: Deadline is August the week after labor daygood senior yearbook quotes funny senior yearbook quotes funny yearbook sayings. . . Do not follow where the path may lead. . Many parents will go for the cutest or most . . . . Poem or Famous Quote; Many parents go with the poem or famous quote . that caused me to select the quote in the first place and print it next to my pic in my senior year book. Senior Yearbook Quote!!. . baylorschool. . .