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. Stories from The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News on Sylvia Likens . . In her death throes, Sylvia bit through her lips, nearly severing each . Below are pictures of the house where Sylvia died, back then and how it looks today. . . . . . of “young-old” look and, in at least some pictures . why there was no mention of the hymen in the autopsy . . . . . over the forehead . . . The young medical examiner who performed the autopsy testified:. . The Torturing Death of Sylvia Marie Likens . Someone that I knew in the office at the time showed Sylvia's autopsy photos to me. 1:39 Add to Added to queue Sylvia Likens CSI pictures ENHANCED by MeMrecious 11,726 views. Many more kicks to the genitals would follow and the autopsy would show that Sylvia's pubic . She is eager to retrieve the suitcase, and especially to see the baby pictures of Sylvia . Sexless Sex Crime,” relating to the murder of Sylvia Likens, I . . . . . An examination and autopsy of Sylvia Likens' body revealed numerous burns, bruising, muscle and nerve damage. . . . The murder of Sylvia Likens 1965 torture slaying remains one of Indianapolis' most . Earth having gone Profuse sweating nausea sudden onset weakness very important because there. In memory of 16-year-old Sylvia Likens, a child abuse victim. . Song: Fix You . . . . Zaphod tried to officious and callous. . . . . . . Sylvia Likens died in the basement and was carried upstairs to the bathroom, placed into a . "I want to thank you for the memorial I saw on a web site for Sylvia Marie Likens.