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The formula's I used to calculate the this example were all taken from Satrina's post on diminishing returns. . The second one uses the first in its calculation, and works the way it does because mitigation is subject to diminishing returns. . Im . . Simply stated, a "diminishing return" happens when adding units of a resource (for example, workers, raw materials, capital) in the act of creating a product does not yield as . . . . The Law of Diminishing Returns states that at some point the amount of output you get for your inputs is going to reduce, and eventually your inputs actually make your output . . For this example I've assumed we have a character with 100hp and no . . Introduction. . . To understand what a "diminishing . . The formula for calculating dodge chance after diminishing returns (for a Druid only) is: Dodge chance (with DR) = 1 / ((1 / 116. Again we stress that this is valid against . . In economics, diminishing returns (also called diminishing marginal returns) refers to how the marginal production of a factor of production starts to progressively decrease as the . Had intended to count under their own diminishing returns, but I think such a lazy person will never be the first to calculate what, tanks, wow goldInstead of the linear method used since chapter 6, these mods will follow a diminishing return, similar to how the current armor calculation is. . Grand Moff Joined: Sep 11, 2003 Messages: 103 Offline : Is there a formula to calculate? I have seen the charts that calculate regular stats ie stre, pre, luck, etc and etc. I've tried a lot of ways of doing this. . The point at which this change in the shape of the total product curve occurs (from getting steeper to getting flatter) is called the point of diminishing marginal returns. 890707) + (0. Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns - Definition of Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns on Investopedia - A law of economics stating that, as the number of new employees . . In economics, diminishing returns (also called diminishing marginal returns . . . . Best Answer: I can understand that if, within a pay period, you work enough overtime hours, your withholding might be at a higher rate than if you hadn't worked as much or any . 9720 / (dodge_from_items_and_buffs . . It could be used to calculate diminishing returns on the gold randomly bestowed on someone for sacrificing to Eris (across input values of sacrifice value), or the XP obtained from . In the course of developing Lost Souls, we've often needed a way to impose diminishing returns on various ratings. . . . . The law of diminishing marginal returns is reflected in the shapes and slopes of the total product, marginal product, and average product curves. . . How to Calculate the Law of Diminishing ReturnsBy calculating the point of diminishing return and making sure to keep a credible distance away from that point, the company has a much better chance of remaining successful