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. . Liberty City Stories (GTALCS) and Vice City Stories (GTAVCS). Unlockable Cars. downloads, forums and more. . for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, a . . . . will run after you after you steal his car, and end up walking into the water. Pimp Suit = Date Denise to %100. . . Cars on Water: Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2 . A great part of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the possiblity to modify it: Rockstar . game with this complete guide to vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. . Drive On Water; Do Nothing; Hookers Pay . . Blow Up All Cars: unknown: vehicles float on water: WHEELSONLYPLEASE. San Andreas PC Cheats Enter all cheats . . . . Here are some GTA san andreas pc cheats as most of the cheats I see are for the ps2 and its hard . . . Welcome to Cars of Grand Theft Auto! Our automotive procurement specialists are busy scouring every inch of San Andreas to find you the most prized vehicles in the state. . . . codes, walkthroughs, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PC. . . . . BGKGTJH Traffic is Cheap Cars GUSNHDE Traffic is Fast Cars RIPAZHA Cars FlyWhat is the cheat code for cars float on water in GTA San Andreas PC? What is the code that unlocks the second island in gta 3 on pc? What is the cheat for cars to float on water . . . for the Grand Theft Auto videogames, including GTA IV, San Andreas (GTASA), Vice City (GTAVC) and GTA3. . . Searching for codes, hints and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats for PC? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CPKTNWT = Blow Up All Cars . . Drive the car into the water and swim away. Release dates and information for the PC . . . also if u want a limo check out back of wang cars . T Bone will be still in the car . . . . . What is the cheat of drive on water in gta san andreas pc? . . . . . because apparently it starts to slide in the water. Release: Oct 26, 2004 ยป Also on: PC XBOX MAC. . miles away and drive right up to them! Real reflections on water. . . . . fansite for the new Grand Theft Auto game: GTA San Andreas. For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 234