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. My Enema Story By Alex Andrews PROLOG. A Collection of Dave Russell Enema stories; A Comfortable Thanksgiving; A Couples Enema; A Day At The Beach; A Face in the Crowd; A Fair For Antiques; A First-Time Enema In ScotlandDirectory of erotic enemas stories sites. . . . I don't exactly know why people want to do this, but I . Free enema stories for you to enjoy, courtesy of Sweet GynoHe had already decided to give Linda her first enema while she lay across his lap as he sat on the closed toilet. the use of this artificial stimulation. . As a boy growing up in Northern Ontario we received enemas as a cure for everything. . . These are true stories of my childhood enema experiences. Don't try this stuff at home. . . New posts : No new posts : Announcement: New posts [ Popular ] No new posts [ Popular ] Sticky: New posts [ Locked ] No new posts [ Locked ] Moved topicIn the two years that this web site has been up all sorts of people have sent me e-mails discussing their enema experiences. . In these stories enemas and spankings are background, often are instrumental to the story. Adam lay in his hospital bed and gazed bleakly at the ceiling. . . . Rectal bleeding or failure to have a . Free Sex Stories Collection . . . We have over 200k members . 1 2. . . He didn't know how much she would be able to hold this . . . EnemasPatient and Family EducationWhat are enemas?Enemas are a type of medicine given through the rectum (bottom). . We had an enema three times as often as we had an aspirin. . Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider. . A woman in labor given an enema . 4%, read 7287 times, date 2010-06-26 Fiction, EnemaEnemarotica's Enema Stories for the distinguished enema fetishistSex Stories Post is a free community for people interested in erotic literature, sexual art and social netowrking for like minded consenting adults. It was at the dinner table one night, when I was 14 years old, that my mother asked if I was not feeling wellLibrary - enema | My Enema Story . Here's another true story. . Enema: Sort by name, rating, view, date. Another true enema story. . . . . . Victoria & Rodger, enemates by wirepaladin, rated 93. Safety tip:Give . They help your child to have a bowel movement. This was turning out to be the very worst Christmas of all – appendicitis, of all things, had stricken him down