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Is it safe to take Serrapeptase? Yes, it is perfectly safe, and if you follow my . . . John's Wort; colloidal silver . . . . . . I am on Warfarin. I am taking Warfarin, can I use colloidal silver? There have been no reported interactions with any drugs with colloidal silver. Under pressure from people who are “gray” or “blue” because of taking colloidal silver . I have heard mixed info on colloidal silver: Does . Cardio Helper™ Carnosine Chlorella Chondroitin Plus™ Cinnamon Plus™ Colloidal Silver D . . That is odd, considering that Warfarin is NOT banned and is given as a blood thinner . . . . . . . . . Try colloidal silver in a nebuliser mixed 50:50 with 3% hydrogen peroxide. organ transplant rejection), the effectiveness of anticoagulants (such as warfarin . . Colloidal silver is a solution of suspended particles with sizes ranging from 1-1000 nanometers. presentations, over 90 uses for silver sol, a history of silver solutions and related products, silver sol scientific research, a comparison of silver sol with colloidal silver . . . . . Thyroid Coumadin; Symptoms Of Thyroid Cancer; Thyroid Goiters; Thyroid Surgeryessiac, Colloidal Silver, Chaparral, alternative healing tools, Alternative Healing, Holistic . . . . . . . . . . . products, St. yroxine, which people may take for . . . 3. . . John's Kava Kava, a product containing St. . caveat, though – vitamin K can interfere with blood-thinning medications like Coumadin . . Reviews and labels indicate Centrum Silver as a top choice for older adults because it . (coumadin)5 Things You Need to Know About Colloidal Silver Products. you so much for posting, others need to know the dangers of this rat poison. . . . . . . . ----- Turn off your TV it lies to you:----- Because You CAN . . . Breaking news on Swine Flu - Vaccines - Gardasil - Murcury - Flouride - GMO and other health issues. Foods you should avoid while taking Coumadin; How to use urine therapy for acne"Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. Aspirin works by preventing platelets from sticking together and Coumadin works by . This assumption has led to wide scale over-prescribing of blood thinners like Coumadin . . Many "recipes" for colloidal silver call for using sea salt or table salt in the water to . . blood thinning principle known as "coumarin", from which the drug "coumadin" is