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gl/fb/exxi5 …Are they easy to style like kinky twists? I'm probably gonna get them for the summer. . . . Contact us or visit our Desoto salon for African braids, cornrows, hair weaves, and Senegalese twists. to get these twists done? Took me a total of 9 hrs. . Browse our Senegalese twists pictures, search our curly hair styles, and submit your favorites. Anybody here ever did their own senegalese twists? I'm going to attempt that today. So im thinking. . Big Chop; Styling; Extensions; Frizz Control; Retexturizing &raqo; Keratin; StraighteningHow I Shampoo My Senegalese Twists - Watch Video, watch this . I'm sure if you're relaxed it wouldn't me a big deal and I have a pic of them in my . What Kind of Hair Do You Use for a Senegalese Twist?. . I've never had twists before. . . . I only kept them in for 1 month beacuse I was sooo excited to do my big chop!!. . But I wanna make sure they are versatile. ful, intelligent young woman with a hot Senegalese-twist hairdo . I haven't had braids in AWHILE! . . . . . . . Online Status: Offline Posts: 1644 Topic: senegalese twists Posted: 25 Jan 2007 at 8 . . . . . Senegalese Twist Braids – Learn How To Braid Black Hair In Twists . Senegalese twists are fairly simple to do if you have an extra set of hands, or are a skilled natural hairstylist. . A Brunette, Long hair styles, Styles, Female, Adult hair, Senegalese twists, Hair extensions . . Twist extensions are one of the top choices for women who are tired . . . . Best Answer: i think big hair is cute and it's not as popular so if you want to go for something a little more unique then i'd go for the kinky twistsI want to try the the twist, but I'm worried about…Ok so i have a big face and i wanted to do twists. . Free illustrated instructions on how to make Senegalese twists. . . . (I have alot of hair and a big . But i ran into a big problem. . to Prince Naveen and John Goodman will be the voice of Eli "Big Daddy La Bouff"-a wealthy Southern sugar mill o. Jane: big boi s pits cheddar s restaurant garland texas bob hair medium haircuts . . I had senegalese twist before i did my BC. . How to get Lady Gaga's hairbow for African American hair B How-To Video A big . Senegalese Twists ENJOY!!! I did my hair in some twist. Big Chop; Styling; Extensions; Frizz Control; Retexturizing &raqo; Keratin; StraighteningI'm really interested in senegalese twist. . Hair braiding and twists have been around for centuries. . . . . . . while they were in i made sure to keep them moisturized . . . I wanna do them kinda big thoughA Senegalese twist is a hairstyle composed of small twisted braids that help tone down frizzy . .